Travis Stork Saeler


I've been riding and racing bicycles since the early 2000's. The nickname came from the first group of people I rode with, they said I had skinny legs like a Stork & it stuck! I've spent majority of my cycling career partnered with Trek, while moving from simply racing for them to working with designers and engineering on product development & then joining the marketing department including some product shoots and video projects. 


Never being one to settle I've raced a little road, a lot of mountain bikes and currently cyclocross. I've been blessed with standing on the top podium my fair share of times over the past 16 years. I've dabbled in Bike Packing, made self supported cycling trips, charity rides, epic mountain rides and have commuted daily to construction sites by a bicycle. Now a days I get more excited by others enthusiasm for the sport and love to foster that energy.  


When Trek launched its first group of 29'er bicycles with Gary Fisher I was lucky enough to be cast into the original 29'er Crew which grew to a club before it was extinguished when Trek moved resources towards other areas. However I grew with the company aligning my passions with the City Bike group. Finding that my knack for modifying my bikes was looked at with great interest, I spent a few years taking hybrid bikes and setting them up as road worthy rides thus showcasing the versatility of these bikes. All the while still racing  here and there, bringing me to today where I race for the Trek Cyclocross Collective.

We have also partnered with other companies that represent our passion for healthy lifestyles such as Saris & Honey Stinger.