Personal Training


Set a goal with me

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started.  If you have tried before but came up short, if you are new to physical activity or if you view yourself as an athlete but are looking for a more consistent training schedule & want to become stronger, faster & more efficient, schedule your personal training appointment to start your first day towards that goal! 


Bring it full circle!

All components of our health and well-being begin to improve with a little focus on our physical selves each day.  Increased strength allows those activities of daily living to not feel so strenuous, prevents injuries & makes us stronger.  That hike may seem easier, you may run the entire 5K without walking or maybe this is the year to get a medal at you're local event. You'll feel better, you'll look better, & your overall outlook on life will become more positive.  Who wouldn't want to experience these improvements?  



Schedule your one on one training session so we can begin the push beyond those silly comfort zones & keep you motivated when you may otherwise feel defeat. Reaching your goals efficiently & effectively is more obtainable than you've previously thought possible with a little help from a structured workout & plan.  Let me be that inner-voice telling you its possible, you CAN do it & you WILL do it! Online training is offered to keep you on track even when we don't meet for a workout.  Weekly check ins and modifications to your training can be made as needed.  See package options under the scheduling tab for details.  


Do I need a Gym Membership

Not necessarily but it helps if you have a dedicated space to use between your training sessions. Contact us to see if your current gym membership is in our plan or if you need help finding a gym.

What will I get during the one hour of one on one?

A guided hour of personalized exercises catered to your goals.  Strength training, running, cycling, swimming, ... name the mode of activity and the goal and I will prescribe the plans for you to achieve success.

What equipment is necessary?

The answer depends upon your goals.  We can start with body weight movements for strength, flexibility, and mobility and progress from there.  Obviously goals like cycling require a bike, and yes, I can train you on location at a park for running, cycling, swimming and the like.

How far do you travel to meet me?

Ideally within a 10-15 mile radius of Butler, PA.

Do I have to prepay online?

No.  The paypal option is preferred but cash in person is also accepted.


I will contact you at least 24 hours in advance if for any reason I need to reschedule.  I ask that you provide the same courtesy.