Lifestyle Coaching

Whats it all about?


Lifestyle Coaching: Behavior change is hard.  We are wired so deeply with old habits that often go back years or decades.  The good news is that with intentional practice and small, mindful changes daily you can reset your behavior patterns and enforce lasting changes that better your health, wellness, fitness, and ability to keep giving your all to the ones you love (and yes, even work ... whether you love it or not).  

The 80/20 rule.  Consider all the minutes in a week that you would "ideally" exercise and compare to all the minutes in a week that you could do anything else - eat food, watch television, sit at a desk working, driving in the car, the list is endless.  I call this the 80/20 rule.  20% of our time/efforts should be put into exercise and 80% needs to be mindful, diligent choices in meal planning and nutritional choices, standing up instead of sitting down, walking or biking to the store or work instead of driving a car.  Drink more water.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  With 35,000 choices made each day, the options are limitless for small ways to improve your life on the daily.  If you want help getting there, I am here to help.  My overall goal is to help as many people reach their highest potential in living healthy, active lifestyles ... which means it is my job to empower each of you to take control of the areas of your life that are struggling.  I am not a hand holder for the rest of your life.  There are hundreds of people for me to reach out to .. I say this to make the point that I am not going to try to get your business indefinitely .... I am simply a helper along the way.